Good Space ~ Any Place

Good Space ~ Any Place

Get to your happy place, wherever you are.

Say hi 👋 to snack-sized yoga classes. Find your calm in a pinch and turn your present experience into the currency of your life.

Good Space ~ Any Place

13 Videos

  • MOVE MORE w/ Regan

    A strengthening + faster paced MOVE MORE: we’ll warm up through the side body + hamstrings before facing challenge head-on in side plank + extended hand to big toe pose. Using a strap in creative ways; we'll stretch, we'll balance, we'll find our edge and maybe even push past it.

    Recommended: st...

  • MOVE MORE w/ Vance

    Challenge: to flow through this MOVE MORE while maintaining a steady breath + a calm mind. Expect dynamic movement, static holds + grounding folds with Vance as your guide :)

    No props necessary.

  • MOVE LIGHT w/ Lindsay

    A Light flow: moving through Vinyasas to warm up, we get long in the side body before adding in some clearing twists. A gentle call to lengthen the breath and the limbs while attuning to where we're at today.

    Optional: a block to bring the floor to YOU!

  • MOVE + STILL w/ Yazmin

    1/2 movement + 1/2 meditation :) A Vinyasa-style flow with core work before a move into alternate nostril breathing + a light guided meditation to centre our thoughts. Asana, pranayama, meditation ... this class has it all.

    Optional: a prop to sit on.

  • MOVE LIGHT w/ Yazmin

    Feel held, get soothed! A slower pace but not easy. This MOVE LIGHT invites you to meet your challenges with a consistently calm breath + steady mind.

    Optional: blanket for under your knees.

  • MOVE MORE (2) w/ Regan

    A fun + funky MOVE MORE with lots of movement + play! We'll test out handstand hops with the option to jump back directly into Chaturanga.

    Optional: a block (especially if you like one for Half Moon)

  • MOVE MORE w/ Patricia

    Hips hips hips! Including some of Patricia's favourites like Skandasana, Wild Thing + Half Moon, we'll find creative ways to stretch and lubricate through the hip joints while strengthening through the quads, side body and more.

    No props necessary.

  • MOVE MORE w/ Nya

    Vigorous + fast-paced: we work through a series of static holds + twists to strengthen the quads, hamstrings and obliques.

    No props necessary.

  • MOVE LIGHT (2) w/ Ayah

    Balance your effort with your grace through flow + repetition of familiar movement. We'll start and end in a gentle seat to sandwich our movement practice with a stoked fire of awareness to carry throughout class.

    No props necessary.

  • MOVE LIGHT w/ Ayah

    A space to be with your breath + your body. In this soft + sweet MOVE LIGHT, we'll begin + end in a grounding seat, find a gentle build in intensity and pick up some Katonah theory Ayah has sprinkled in throughout. Gentle restorative shapes + deep stretches in the second half of class.

    No props ...

  • MOVE MORE (2) w/ Nya

    Variety is the spice of life with this MOVE MORE! A little bit of glute work, some hip openers + a lot of core (specifically obliques) in this juicy snack-size flow.

    No props necessary.

  • MOVE LIGHT w/ Vance

    Hips: the storehouse of our emotions! We'll explore hip mobility with deep lunging and folding before ending in Lizard pose + Malasana to find sweet release in these lubricated joints.

    No props necessary.

  • MOVE + STILL w/ Krista

    1/2 movement + 1/2 active meditation. We’ll work specifically with the hands in Vinyasa-style movement before settling into a Kirtan Kriya that plays the fingers pads in a seated meditation. Kundalini-inspired + heart-opening.

    Optional: a prop to sit on.